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Slide Tailor Made Bespoke Experiences: Whatever your style, see it your way Maybe your vacation schedule doesn’t fit ours. Perhaps you’d prefer a slightly different itinerary or level of luxury and activity. A tailor made Araus World experience is the perfect answer, our team of dedicated professionals will help create a tailor-made vacation that’s just right for you and/or your group.

It’s about the journeys you take, the paths you navigate and the people you meet along the way. We aim to build lasting friendships across cultures that serve to bring the world closer together.
Mix & Match

Slide Environmentally Conscious Holidays Unique To You At ArausWorld, our holidays are as individual as you are. We design private travel experiences, Talk to us about the kind of holiday you would like, the experiences that interest you we'll design a spellbinding holiday to your requirements. We provide our conscious travellers, low-impact Experiences and Expeditions by supporting ecological conservation experiences inside protected areas and nature reserves; and we work with local accommodations to benefit the economic development of the region’s communities. We aim to promote and select Responsibly, Sustainable Travel and Ecotourism projects; a viable solution to some of the most urgent problems faced by humankind today. VIEW OUR EXPERIENCES Sustainable Travel

Slide The Araus World Experience Araus World is a boutique travel agency dedicated to celebrating ecotourism in Ecuador, and specializing in responsible, community-based tourism through high-quality operations and exceptional service. Guests of Araus World visit the most spectacular natural areas of the country in the company of its native peoples, practicing the philosophy that one of the best ways of conserving an area; whether it be the Ecuador Amazon, the Galapagos Islands, the high Andes or a cloud forest; is to engage the participation of native, local people in creating the magic of an eco-vacation. VIEW OUR EXPERIENCES Who We Are

Slide Our Mission We specialize in crafting authentic cultural immersions and interactions with Ecuador’s indigenous communities, spiritual gurus, artistic masters, and beautiful everyday people.

We design interest-based trips for families, solo travellers and private groups looking for an immersive, authentic, and impactful travel experiences in Ecuador.
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