Santa Cruz II Cruise

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Journey to the untouched paradise of the Galapagos Islands and follow in Darwin’s footsteps as you discover an astonishing abundance of wildlife and dramatic landscapes aboard the Santa Cruz II. The Nothern Galapagos cruise is a 5-day, 4-night adventure to the famous northern Galapagos Islands including Santa Cruz, Santiago, Rabida, Bartolome and Genovesa. Conceived for operations in remote areas, this state-of-the-art expedition vessel affords the perfect infrastructure for Galapagos exploration. At just over 70 meters long, the generous, 5-deck craft holds 50 cabins for 90 guests and features ample, luxury-sized social areas indoor and out.

The Santa Cruz II offers active itineraries with numerous opportunities to snorkel, kayak and explore; head out on Zodiacs for shore excursions, you may also spot orcas hunting. Dive beneath the waves on a snorkeling adventure to explore this colorful underwater world. If you prefer to keep your head above the waves, a glass-bottom boat ride is a fantastic alternative. After a day packed with adventure, a barbecue out on the Panorama Deck or an indulgent Ecuadorian buffet meal in the Beagle Dining Room is a great way to end the day.

This vessel’s infrastructure and the crew’s heritage of decades of experience working in the islands allow guests to make the most of their Galapagos cruise experience. The Santa Cruz II also provides a high-quality underwater staff camera to assist guests in capturing pictures while they enjoy their excursions, as well as a professional photographer on board. The crew of Santa Cruz ensures that every guest fully experience the wonders of the Galapagos.

5 Days Northern Galapagos Islands, Monday to Friday

Join us as we discover the glorious white beach of Las Bachas, Santiago Island (Buccaneer Cove and Puerto Egas), Rabida, Bartolome Island, and the sunken crater of Genovesa Island, Galapagos’ best natural aviary. End the trip on a high note watching Galapagos giant tortoises stroll through their natural habitat in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island before heading to the airport at Baltra.

7 days Eastern Galapagos Islands, Friday to Thursday

This comprehensive journey, starting and ending in Baltra, takes us to the oldest islands in the Archipelago. We visit the sea lions of Mosquera Islet before heading to see the red-footed boobies in San Cristobal, the island where Darwin first set foot in the Galapagos. Meet the endemic land iguanas of Santa Fe, observe the colours of South Plaza, and stop in at the world-famous Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz, before heading on to top-rated Española and North Seymour, with an in-between stop at Eden Islet.

5 days Western Galapagos Islands, Thursday to Monday

Our journey begins at Dragon Hill on Santa Cruz Island, home to Galapagos land iguanas. The next day is spent at Isabela Island (Punta Vicente Roca) and Fernandina Island, the pristine jewel of the national park. From there, we are on to the world-famous Charles Darwin Research Station and its captive tortoise breeding program. Floreana Island’s Post Office Bay and Punta Cormorant round off the trip with insights into human presence on the islands.


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